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Super Star Agni and LRK

Super Star Agni’s Birthday Cake!

I wrote a review of Wahpepah’s Kitchen in January, running down my thoughts on how Indigenously delicious the seasonal menu items are and how important the restaurant’s existence is for the land back movement and food sovereignty. Today, I’m raving about the first ever Wahpepah’s Kitchen birthday cake graciously prepared for yours truly yesterday at … Continue reading

Ishmael Alikhan Q&A with Morning Star Gali (2021)

The below interview conducted with phenomenal Native activist Morning Star Gali (Pit River Nation) was featured in the Spring 2021 issue of News from Native California. The first time I met Morning Star was in November 2008 at Mills College. I was still fresh to Oakland, to graduate school, and to the Native American Sisterhood … Continue reading

He Said, She Said: Deets and Geets December 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the last edition of the Deets and Geets Newsletter, “He Said, She Said,” of 2021. Below, check out our commentary on movies, shows, and music we’ve been into this month, all broken down by platform.   On a side note, the last two years have held both moments of stress and bliss and everything in between, … Continue reading

He Said, She Said: Deets and Geets Newsletter October 2021

Welcome to the Deets and Geets Newsletter: He Said, She Said for October 2021. This month brings mostly spooky content with a bit of relationship drama. Below are the offerings, broken down by streaming service. APPLE MOVIES CANDYMAN (2021) He Said: Continuing our horror movie bingefest of late, we rented the latest entry in the … Continue reading

Deets and Geets September 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the September 2021 Deets and Geets newsletter, “He Said / She Said.” This month, we talk about the highs and lows of our pop culture discoveries broken down by the streaming services on which we watched them. HULU Reservation Dogs: High He Said: Reservation Dogs is the truth! Along with Rutherford Falls, this … Continue reading

Strong Hearts and Healing Hands: Book Review by Super Star Agni

In his 2019 book titled Fighting Invisible Enemies: Health and Medical Transitions among Southern California Indians, author and professor Clifford E. Trafzer (Wyandot), examined the gradual incorporation of Western medicine into Southern California Indian communities. In the sequel, Strong Hearts and Healing Hands: Southern California Indians and Field Nurses, 1920–1950, he delves deeper into the … Continue reading