Deets and Geets Haiku Reviews: Feb 2020

Season three of Deets and Geets is revving up and we should have our first episode up in the next week or so. I’m confident this will be our best season yet, especially if I can manage to get exclusive footage of Matrix 4. No, that is not click bait—I actually have a lead on the next shooting location. Whether or not Keanu will be there eating ice cream is another story.

In the meantime, enjoy our latest haiku reviews about the Ghost Stories movie anthology, Joker, Birds of Prey, and Hulu’s High Fidelity series.

The new podcast site is live. Check us out for audio-only and enhanced video versions of the podcast at The latest episode covers Student of the Year 2, Netflix’s Dead to Me, John Wick 3, Game of Thrones S8, Keanu, Bill and Ted 3, Ma movie, and more. You can also find us on Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Apple podcasts by searching for DeetsandGeets.

I’m still updating the site and will include new book reviews there soon. Also, I’ve begun working on the novel again, so the first draft should be finished…whenever it’s finished.

Stay close!